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Books and Booklets - General (2)

East Anglia Shipwrecks

(Includes  a chapter  on the Mi Amigo sinking)

Author: Stan Jarvis

Publisher: Countryside                    Books

Published: 1990 (Revised edition 2003)

ISBN-10: 1-85306-8128

ISBN-13: 978-1853068126

A 1960’s Childhood

From Thunderbirds to Beatlemania

(Includes a section about the British offshore stations)

Author: Paul Feeney

Publisher: The History                     Press

Published:  2010 (Re-printed 2010,2011 and 2012)

ISBN:-10: 0 752450 12 3

ISBN:-13  978-0752450124

Starmakers and Svengalis

(Includes a chapter on Reg Calvert, Owner of Radio City)

Author: Johnny Rogan

Publisher: Futura Publications (first published by Queen Anne Press)

Published: 1988 (Queen Anne Press)

1989 (Futura Publications)

ISBN-10: 0 70884004 3

ISBN-13: 978-0708840047

Changing Times

Being Young in Britain in the 60s

(Includes a section on radio)

Author:  Alison Pressley

Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd

Published: 2000

ISBN-10: 1 85479 847 2

ISBN-13: 978 1854795786

The 50s and 60s

The Best of Times - Growing Up and Being Young in Britain

(Includes a section on radio)

Author: Alison Pressley

Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd

Published: 2003

ISBN-10: 1 84317 065 5

ISBN-13: 978 1843170655

From the Bomb to the Beatles

The Changing Face of Post-war Britain 1945-1965

(Includes references to Radio Caroline and Jocelyn Stevens, one of the original manager of Radio Caroline)

Author: Juliet Gardner

Publisher: Collins and Brown

Published: 1999

ISBN: 1 85585 664 6 (Hardback)

The Sixties

Author: Steven Myatt (Editor)

Publisher: Mortons Media Group

Published: 2006

ISBN-10: 0 9550221 6 9

ISBN-13: 978 0955022166

The Sixties

A Fresh Look at the Decade of Change

Author: Francis Wheen

Publisher: Century Publishing/Channel 4

Published: 1982

ISBN: 0 7126 0018 3 (Hardback)

0 7126 0014 0 (Paperback)

The Story of Rock’n’Roll

The Year by Year Illustrated Chronicle

(Includes section on 1960s British offshore stations)

Author: Paul Du Noyer (Consultant Editor)

Publisher: Carlton Books

Published: 1995

ISBN: 1 85613214 5

The Sealand Story

Author: Frank R Turner

Publisher: F R Turner

Published: 1998

ISBN: 01 901132 07 2

The Maunsell Sea Forts

Author: Frank R Turner

Publisher: F R Turner

Published: 1997

ISBN: 01 901132 06 4

The Maunsell Naval Sea Forts of the Thames Estuary

Author: Frank R Turner

Publisher: F R Turner

Published: 2000

ISBN: 1 901132 13 7

The Maunsell Army Sea Forts of the Thames Estuary

Author: Frank R Turner

Publisher: F R Turner

Published: 2001

ISBN: 1 901132 14 5

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

The History of Top 40 Radio

(Includes a chapter on British radio ‘Sink the Pirates’)

Author: Ben Fong-Torres

Publisher: Backbeat Books, San Francisco

Published: 1998


Mass Media Moments in the UK, the USSR and the USA

Author: Eric Gilder

Publisher: University of Sibiu Press

Published: 2003


40 Jaar Top 40

Publisher: BR Music, Nijkerk, Netherlands

Published: 2005


Het Tunes Boek

Authors: Etienne Verkhoeff and Arjan de Ruiter

Publisher: Tirion Uitgevers BV, Baarn, Netherlands

Published: 2007


Dik Voomekaar

Het eerste jaar

Authors: Jelle Boonstra and Benno Roozen

Publisher: Rubinstein, Amsterdam

Published: 2009


Vaar Mee Met SMC

Author: Rob Olthof

Publisher: Stichting Media Communicatie, Amsterdam

Published: 2010


12½ Jaar Top 40


Publisher: Pampus

Published: 1977


De  Mannetjes van de Radio

40 Jaar Popradio in Nederland

Authors: Etienne Verkhoeff and Arjan de Ruiter

Publisher: Tirion Uitgevers BV, Baarn, Netherlands

Published: 2007


Geschichten űber’s Radiohoren

Authors: Carmen Friedrich and Hans-Joachion Brustmann

Publisher: Private Publication, Norderstedt

Published: 2010


Thanks to Hans Knot and Martin van der Ven for contributing many of the books on the Library shelves

Popmuziek van Dag tot Dag

Jaren 70

Authors: Ton van Draanen an Tom Blomberg

Publisher: QV Uitgeverij, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Published: 2010


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(A pictorial record of one man living on Shivering Sands Fort during the summer of 2005)

Author: Stephen Turner

Publisher: Seafort Project

Published: 2006

ISBN 10: 0955457300

ISBN 13: 978 0955457302

   Autobiography/Biography  1    2        Annuals                    Fiction

The Beatles in Holland

(Includes references to Radio Veronica)

Authors: Jan-Cees ter Brugge, Henk van Gelder, Lucas Ligtenberg, Piet Schreuders

Publisher: Walburg Pers, Zutphen

Published: 2014


Top 400 Aller Tijden

De Strafste en Sappigste Weetjes uit 40 Jaar Popmuziek

Author: Professor Serge Hadermann

Publisher: Standaard

Published: 2013


Top 40 Hits Dossier 1965-2005

Compiler: Johan van Slooten

Publisher: various

Published: various years


Radio - omroep em Televisie uitzendigen door stations buiten national gebier

Authors: Professor L J Hijmans van den Bergh and Professor M Bos

Publisher: Bordewijk, Huister Heide

Published: 1972


Noir Afloat

Tony Cornero and the Notorious Gambling Ships of Southern California

Author: Ernest Marquez

Publisher: Angel City Press

Published: 2011


Offshore Radio Engineering

Author: Jan Sundermann

Publisher: Private Publication, Erkrath (2013)

Foundation for Media Communication, Groningen, Netherlands (2014)

Published: 2013 and 2014


Rundfunk gegen das “Dritte Reich”

Ein Handbuch

Author: Conrad Pütter

Publisher: K G Saur, Munich

Published: 1986


Radio: A True Love Story

Author: Libby Purves

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Published: 2002

ISBN-10: 0340822422

ISBN -13: 978 0340822425

The Amazing AM

AM Broadcasting Stations Monitored in Norway 1945-1994

Editors: Sven Martinsen, Kjell Arne Olsen

Publisher: DX Listeners’ Club, Solsvik, Norway

Published: 1994

Grand Old Ladies

Grimsby’s Great Trawler Stories

(Includes a chapter about the Ross Revenge in her trawler days)

Author: Steve Richards

Publisher: Archive Publications Ltd, (in association with the Grimsby Evening Telegraph)

Published:  1990

ISBN-10: 0948946 66 7

ISBN-13: 978 0948946684