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Books and Booklets - Fiction

All Night Long

Author: Dave Cash

Publisher: Mandarin Paperbacks

Published: 1993

ISBN-10: 07493156736

ISBN-13: 978 0749315634


We Gaan Naar Zee!

Author: Bob de Moor

Publisher: De Lombard Uitgaven, Brussels

Published: 1975


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Rocking the Boat

Author: Ian Ross

Publisher: William Heineman Ltd

Published: 1990

ISBN-10:  0434652741

ISBN-13:  978 0434652747

Rocking the Boat

Author: Ian Ross

Publisher: Mandarin

Published: 1991

ISBN-10:  0749304626

ISBN-13: 978 0749304621

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Author: Salman Rushdie

Publisher: Henry Holt & Co (US)

Published: 1999


Der Boden Unter Ihren Fussen

Author: Salman Rushdie

Publisher: Kindler

Published: 1999


Slade in Flame

(Set on a Thames Estuary fort)

Author: John Pidgeon

(Based on an original screenplay by Andrew Birkin)

Publisher: Panther Books                    Ltd

Published: 1975

Trimmel ende Tulpendief

Author: Frieedhelm Wenemeir

Publisher: Junior Press BV

Published: 1974


Trimmel und der Tupendieb

Author: Frieedhelm Wenemeier

Publisher: Reinbek (Hamburg)

Published: 1974 (paperback)

ISBN 10: 3499423227

ISBN 13: 978 3499423222

Rocking the Boat

Author: Ian Ross

Publisher: Ian Ross

Published: 2013


Kindle edition


(Includes references to Radio/TV Noordzee and Radio Veronica)

Author: Jeroen van Inkel


Published: 2015

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:

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The Stone

(Includes a chapter on Radio Invicta)

Author: Graham Adams


Published: 2000

ISBN 10: 1613645074

ISBN 13: 978-1613645079

The Mystic Stone

(Includes a chapter on Radio Invicta)

Author: Graham Adams


Published: 2015


Kindle Edition

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12 Miles Out

Author: Nick Wright

Publisher: Fish Publishing

Published: 2012

ISBN 10: 0956272142

ISBN 13: 978 0956272140

Ship to Shore

Author: Robin Dee

Publisher: Robin Dee

Published: 2017

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:


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Where it all Went Wrong

Author: Steve Anderson

Publisher: York Publishing Services Ltd

Published: 2017

ISBN 10: 0999681400

ISBN 13: 978 0999681404

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Author: Salman Rushdie

Publisher: Jonathan Cape (UK)

Published: 1999


Radio A-Go-Go

Author: John Musgrave

Publisher: Border Tales

Published: 2021

ISBN 10: 1916112420

ISBN 13: 978-1916112421

Moord op de Radio

Author: Rob Wilson

Publisher: Het Schrijversportaal

Published: 2021

ISBN 10: 9461550685

ISBN 13: 978-9461550682

Danger Man - Storm Over Rockall

Author: W Howard Baker

Publisher: Consul Books

Published: 1965

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13: