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Radio Sutch - Technical

Above: DJ Chris Cross in the third Radio Sutch studio, located in the Fort’s central tower

Below: the second Radio Sutch studio (later used in the early days of Radio City). The original ‘studio’ was located to the right, on a table by the radiator.


500w ex-Halifax aircraft transmitter

Aerial Height

The aerial consisted of a scaffold pole erected on one of the Fort’s towers

The original Radio Sutch transmitter

Right:  the original Radio Sutch transmitter which only produced about 70 watts of power


Studio equipment consisted of domestic standard record players and a microphone

Until the generators on Shivering Sands Fort were put back to working order the station used car batteries to power its transmitter, resulting in frequent periods off air while batteries were changed or re-charged.

Chris Cross in the original Radio Sutch studio

Photos: Bob le Roi

Photo Bob le Roi

Thanks to Dick Dixon, former Radio Sutch and Radio City Engineer, for providing additional  information.

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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