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Radio City


Reg and Dorothy Calvert

Reg Calvert

Dorothy Calvert

(from June 1966, after Reg Calvert’s death)




At first used the old Radio Sutch frequency of 194m (1542kHz ) then changed to 195m (1535kHz), 197m (1524kHz ) and finally back to 195m (1535kHz )

238m (1262kHz) (from 30th September 1964)


Music broadcasts were switched to 290m (1034kHz) (but announced as 299m), while sponsored religious programmes were broadcast on 188m (1605kHz )

(from mid December 1964)

Broadcasting Hours


(from September 1964)


(from June 1965)

6.00am-12 midnight

Opening Date

** September 1964

Closing Date

8th February 1967 (12 midnight)

Landbased Address

7 Denmark Street,

London WC 2

Later – Clifford House,

15 Clifford Street,

London W1

Local office:  

20a Oxford Street, Whitstable,


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Shivering Sands Fort

Shivering Sands Fort


Pop and chart material (Top 60), (but always heavily promoting artists managed by Reg Calvert)