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Radio City - Staff

Karel Beer

Colin Brian

RWB (Ross William Brown)

Wolfe Byrne

Candy Calvert

Tony Carroll

Alan Clark

Ralph Cooper

Cliff Cottell

Chris Cross

Rick Dane

Tony Daniels

Terry Dawson

Alexander Dee

Keith Delmont

Dick Dixon

Peter Dolphin

Tom Edwards

Paul Elvey

Nigel Fell

Johnny Flux (John Edward)

Martin Green

Mike Hayes

Ben Healy

Peter Jamieson

Eric Jay

Phil Jay

Peggy Knight

Paul Kramer

Bob le Roi

Adrian Love

Trevor Lucas

Dave MacKay (Dave Gilbee)

Ian MacRae

Eric Martin

Rick Michaels

Ed Moreno

Janice Nicholls

Mac Peters

Mike Proctor

Martin Ross

Neil Spence

Bob Spencer

Gary Stevens

Martin Stevens

Jeremy Stewart

Dennis Straney

Gordon Swan

Leon Tippler

Graham Wallace

Ian West

Jeremy Wilde

Geoff Woods

Peter York

Jack Bradley (Publicity and Sales)

Reg Calvert (station owner and Manager September 1964 to June 1966)

Dorothy Calvert (Programme Controller from April 1966, station owner and Manager from June 1966)

Jill Farr (Secretary)

Ralph Horton (London Sales Manager)

Peter Jameson (Commercial Director)

Eric Martin (General Manager and Whitstable Representative)

Dick Dixon (Engineer)

Paul Elvey (Engineer)

Johnny Evilin (Engineer)

Phil Perkins (Engineer)

Tony Pine (Engineer)

Ian West (Engineer)

Don Witt (Engineer)

Leslie Dunn (cook)

Barry Trice (cook)

Management/Administration/   Sales On-air staff Marine Crew Technical/Engineering

Thanks to Dick Dixon, former Radio Sutch and Radio City Engineer, for providing additional  information.

Alan Clark

Alan Clark

Alexander Dee

Alexander Dee

Dennis Stanney

Dennis Straney

Ian Macrae

Ian MacRae

Martin Green

Martin Green

Penny Knight

Penny Knight

Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards

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