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Radio City - Technical

GEC transmitter


500w ex-Halifax aircraft transmitter (as used by Radio Sutch)

(from September 1964)

An  ex-US Navy  General Electric TCJ-7 transmitter (3.5Kw) used for music broadcasts on 1034kHz (290m) (but announced as 299m), while a surplus Ministry of Defence Airforce Cossor transmitter was used to air the sponsored religious programmes on 1605kHz (188m).

The original Radio Sutch transmitter was retained for making contact with the landbased office

(From mid December 1964)

(Later the Cossor transmitter from Shivering Sands was transferred to Knock John Fort when  a second station was being planned.)

Aerial Height

Originally a horizontal wire aerial was strung between scaffold poles mounted on one of the Fort’s towers.

In April 1966 a 200' (61m) aerial mast was installed on top of one of the 117’ (35.6m) high towers on the Shivering Sands Fort, giving a total aerial height of 317’ (96.6m)

Tom Edwards on air 1967 Radio City studio

Above: two views of the Radio City studio (left - Tom Edwards on air)

The  two Radio City transmitters - above the General Electric 299m and left the Cossor 188m (with engineers Dick Dixon  and Don Witt)


2 x Garrard SP25 turntables

2 x Decca Deram cartridges

1 x AKG D12 drum microphone

a 3 channel home made mixer

1 x Brennel tape recorder (for playing commercials and jingles)

1 x Ferrograph  tape recorder (for playing pre-recorded programmes)

Cossor transmitter

Photos: Bob le Roi

Photos: Bob le Roi

QSL Cards

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

original horizontal wire aerial 200' aerial mast

Left: the original horizontal wire aerial strung between two scaffold poles

Right: the 200’ (61m) aerial mast installed in 1966

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