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Radio Sutch

Broadcasting Hours

Advertised as

12 noon - 2.00pm and 5.00pm - 11.00pm

(later also 12.15am-2.15am)

but broadcasting hours varied depending on staffing and technical problems


David ‘Screaming Lord’ Sutch

David 'Screaming Lord' Sutch

Landbased Address

c/o Kings Agency,

7 Denmark Street,

London WC2

Opening Date

27th May 1964

(First confirmed test broadcasts)

Closing Date

** September 1964 (became Radio City)



194m (1542kHz)

 (announced as 200m)

One of the towers on Shivering Sands Fort


Rock and roll, rhythm and blues and country and western music

(with late night readings from books such as Fanny Hill and Lady Chatterly’s Lover)

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Reg Calvert

Reg and Dorothy Calvert