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Radio Sutch - Programmes

Typical Radio Sutch Programme Schedule -

June 1964

12 noon -     Music From Me to You - Reg Calvert, Brian            2.00pm                                             Paul,Colin Dale

5.00pm        Old Favourites - Brian Paul

5.30pm        Swing with the Girls - Colin Dale

6.00pm        Cream of the Pops - Brian Paul

7.00pm        Make a Date (requests) - Colin Dale

8.00pm        Turn of the Pops (Flipsides) - Jeff Mew

8.30pm        Nutty Mad Half Hour - Screaming Lord Sutch

9.00pm        Rocking Good Time - Screaming Lord Sutch, Colin                                                       Dale

11.00pm      Music for Lovers - Brian Paul

12 midnight  Something New (R & B) - Colin Dale

12.30am      Closedown

David ‘Screaming Lord’ Sutch presenting a programme, August 1964

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