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Radio Sutch - Key Dates

24th May 1964

The Cornucopia left the Pool of London following a press conference and photo session supposedly to anchor outside territorial waters and begin broadcasting  as Radio Sutch

27th May 1964

Test transmissions for Radio Sutch begin from Shivering Sands Fort

** May 1964

Regular programmes begin from Radio Sutch

** September 1964

Screaming Lord Sutch sells the radio station to his Manager, Reg Calvert and it is re-launched as Radio City

28th May 1964 Palestine National Congress formed the PLO in Jerusalem.

1st June 1964

The Rolling Stones arrived in the U.S. for the first time, landing at Kennedy Airport in New York.

15th September 1964

First issue of The Sun launched in the UK, replacing the Daily Herald

Radio Sutch requesting reception reports, June 1964

Request for reception report June 1964.mp3

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