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Radio Mi Amigo 272


Sylvain Tack and Patrick Valain

Magdalena Shipping and Commercial Enterprises Registered in Honduras (owned the Magdelana)


Germain Bois,  Sylvain Tack, Patrick Valain (Patrick van Acoleyen)

Landbased Address

Broadcasting Hours

24 hour a day programming lasted less than a week and then the station began to close at various times during the evening ranging from 7.00pm to 12 midnight  



272.72m (1100kHz - a non EBU channel) (from 25th June 1979)

273.5m (an EBU frequency of 1098kHz) (from 9th September 1979)



Opening Date

25th June 1979 (tests)

1st July 1979 (12 noon) regular programmes

Closing Date

18th September 1979 (6.40am)


Radio Mi Amigo 272 adopted a much stricter format than its predecessor, with specific percentages of airtime being allocated to records from  

Additionally one record in ten was a listener request and one in twenty had to be in the Flemish language.

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