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Radio Mi Amigo 272 - Key Dates


** December 1982

49 of these sentences reach the Appeal Court in Ghent where 30 were acquitted and all suspended jail sentences quashed

28th June 1981

Radio Mi Amigo 272 owner, Sylvain Tack (who by then was living in Haiti) sentenced in his absence to 12 months imprisonment and fined. 118 other people were also prosecuted either in connection with the operation of Radio Mi Amigo 272 or with advertising on the station and given fines and suspended jail sentences.


Early 1979

Sylvain Tack and tender operator Patrick Valain purchase a vessel of their own and re-name her Magdelana, to re-launch Radio Mi Amigo (which had been forced to close suddenly in October 1978)

mid-June 1979

Magdelana anchors off the coast of Belgium.

25th June 1979

Test broadcasts for Radio Mi Amigo 272 begin

1st July 1979

Radio Mi Amigo 272 begins regular programming

2nd August 1979

Magdalena loses her anchor and for seven days she sails around the Thornton Bank

9th September 1979

A temporary ‘anchor’ is dropped and Radio Mi Amigo 272 returns to the air on a new frequency of 1098kHz (273.5m)

14th September 1979

Magdalena drags her 'anchor' yet again and drifts over 10 miles, but manages to hold a position for a further two days

17th September 1979

Magdelana drifts onto Middle Deep Sandbank, 28 miles from her usual anchorage

18th September 1979

Radio Mi Amigo 272 opens transmissions half an hour earlier than usual at 6.00am, but stops after only 10 minutes because the ship was being forced further and further towards shore.

19th September 1979

In a Force 8 gale, Magdelana enters Dutch territorial waters and finally runs aground

21st September 1979

Dutch police officially arrest the radio ship and remove 8 men from her

23rd September 1979

A police launch manages to free the radio ship from the sandbank and the listing Magdalena is towed to the small harbour of Stellendam for a temporary repair

24th September 1979

Magdelana towed to Willemstad, where police ordered that she should be scrapped as unseaworthy. After a few days the Magdelana is towed to a scrapyard near Ouwerkerk/Viane

** October 1979

Magdelana broken up for scrap

18th  June 1979

US President Carter and Soviet President Leonid  Brezhnev signed the SALT II strategic arms limitation treaty in Vienna.

7th  September 1979 The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, ESPN, made its cable TV debut.

16th September 1979

Hafizullah Amin took the presidency of Afghanistan following the killing of Nur Muhammad.

19th September 1979

 The Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats was signed.

24th September 1979

CompuServe began operation as the first computer information service.

28th June 1981

In Tehran, Iran, a powerful bomb exploded at the headquarters of the IRP killimg 73 people.

6th December 1982 In Northern Ireland 11 soldiers and six civilians were killed when a bomb planted by the Irish National Liberation Army exploded in a pub in Ballykelly.


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