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Action at the Marquee

Alida sponsored programme

Amaco Show (sponsored)

Battle of the New Sound

Bassett's Jelly Babies Show (sponsored)

Big L Swinging Sound of Silver Competition

Breakfast Show

Bride Show

Bristol-Myers' (sponsored)

Bromley Half Hour

Bromley Weekly Review (sponsored)

Brooke Bond Show (sponsored)

Call in at Currys (sponsored)

Camp Coffee Show (sponsored)

Cema Bingo Show (sponsored)

Chuck Blair Show

Coffee Break

Colgate Cash Call (sponsored)

Colgate Palmolive Request Show (sponsored)

Corona with Cash (sponsored)

Cema Bingo Show (sponsored)

Climbers Programme

Cool Sounds (sponsored)

Curry's Show (sponsored)

Dave Cash Show

Dave Cash Rabbit Patch

Dave Dennis Show

Dave's Dan

David and Jonathan Breakfast Show

Disc Centre Show (sponsored)

Earl Richmond Show

Ed Stewart Show

Elida Show (sponsored by Sea Witch Hair Colour)

Fab Forty Show

Get Sharp with Phillips (sponsored)

Giggle Goggle Guggle show

Golden Oxo Show (sponsored)

Harry Fenton Show (sponsoored by Fenton Manswear)

Herald of Truth

Inecto Show

International Pop Parade (sponsored by Peter Stuyvesant)

It's a Dogs Life

It's All Happening

Juicy Fruit Show (sponsored)

Juicy Fruit Spectacular (sponsored)

Kaye Club

Keith Skues Show

Kenny Everett Gramophone Show

Kenny Everett Wireless Show

King's Breakfast Show (Jonathan King)

Kenny and Cash Show

Kenny Everett Show

King Groove Yard

King Thing

Late Night Music

Late Night Show

Leader Sponsored Show

London After Midnight

London Brides

Lorne King Show

Make Up till Midnight

Marquee Shows

Mike Lennox Breakfast Show

Miss Breck Hairspray Show (sponsored)

Moss Motor Show (sponsored)

Motoring with Moss (sponsored)

Music for a Million Housewives (sponsored by Heinz Foods)

Pepsi Cola Fab Forty Half Hour (sponsored)

Perfectos Show

Perfumed Garden

Pete Brady Show

Pete Drummond Show

Peter Stuyvesant Show (sponsored)

Petticoat Show (sponsored)

Philips Knife Sharper (sponsored)

Pink Stamp Half Hour (sponsored)

Pleasurama Show (sponsored)

Pye Swing Along (sponsored)

Radio London Brides

Radio London Family Forty

Radio London Marquee Show

Radio London Request Hour

Relax with Reveille (sponsored)

Reveille Sound Off (sponsored)

Roman Empire

School Spot

S&H Pink Stamp Show (sponsored)

Soul Night

Terelyne Club Show (sponsored)

The Big L Show (sponsored by Disc Weekly)

The World Tomorrow

Tommy Vance Show

Tony Blackburn Show

Tony Brandon Show

Tony Windsor Show

Top Deck

Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill

UK Tops the World (sponsored by Miners Make Up)

Vernons Pool Programme (sponsored)

Willy Walker Show

Windsor's Castle

Voice of Prophecy

This feature has been compiled from contemporary newspapers, magazines and information published by the stations themselves. Additional information courtesy of Hans Knot.

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Call in at Currys

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Call in at Currys