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Radio London - Programmes

Radio London's First Programme Schedule -

December 1964

6.00am      Pete Brady Breakfast Show

9.00am      Earl Richmond Show

12 noon     Dave Dennis Show

3.00pm      Tony Windsor Show

6.00pm      Kenny Everett Show

7.00pm      The World Tomorrow (sponsored religious                   programme)

7.30pm      Kenny Everett Show

9.00pm      Closedown

News bulletins were broadcast each hour on the half hour, with weather on the hour.  

Typical Radio London Programme Schedule -

June 1967

5.00am      Pete Drummond Show

9.00am      Paul Kaye Show

11.00am    Coffee Break

12 noon     Tony Brandon Show

3.00pm      Roman Empire - Mark Roman

6.00pm      Pete Drummond Show

7.00pm      The World Tomorrow (sponsored American religious                                                       programme)

7.30pm      Pete Drummond Show

9.00pm      Willy Walker Show

12midnight Perfumed Garden - John Peel

News bulletins each hour on the half hour, weather on the hour.  

Radio London Programme Schedule

February 1966

Fab 40 Show, Paul Kaye December 1964

R London Paul Kaye Dec 1964 Fab 40.mp3

Start of the Dave Dennis (The Double D) Show

R London start of Dave Dennis show.mp3 A-Z Programme Index

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