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 Call in at Currys

Call in at Currys was a programme sponsored by Currys Ltd  (a chain of UK stores selling domestic electrical goods).

The show was recorded at various branches of Currys, involving interviews with customers who made dedications (not requests because that was against Radio London policy) of records to friends, relatives neighbours etc.

Call in at Currys was produced by Ross Radio Productions and was first broadcast on Radio London on 4th June 1965. It was originally presented by Radio London DJ's and broadcast every Friday at 10.45 am.

In January 1966 Currys extended their sponsorship and the programme was also broadcast on Radio Caroline (North and South), later being 'fully networked' by including - reportedly - Radio Scotland and Radio City. The networked programme was now broadcast at 12 noon and became the first fully syndicated programme on British offshore radio.

The programme was now presented by (BBC and Radio Luxembourg DJ) Pete Murray (who was later replaced by Mark Kelly).

However, although Currys had been a long-standing advertiser on offshore radio (and for many years before that on Radio Luxembourg too) it encountered a lot of hostility in creating this innovative sponsored programme.

The BBC objected to Pete Murray acting as the show's presenter, on the grounds that as he was employed by them, his appearances contravened BBC policy not to employ anyone who worked for the offshore stations.

Also the Musicians Union  refused permission to broadcast performances from live groups on the show, and finally the technicians' unions clamped down on live outside broadcasts in general.

In March 1966 it was reported that the BBC was not renewing Pete Murray's freelance radio contract for his late night show because of him appearing in the Call in at Currys programmes on the offshore radio stations, (although he did continue to make appearances on BBC TV's Top of the Pops).

Lincolnshire Echo,  00.00 1965

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Unknown newspaper January 1966

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The Sun 28th March 1966

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Unknown newspaper November 1965

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Daily Mirror 10th January 1966

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Call in at Currys 23rd September 1966

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