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A collection of  documents and memorabilia from the archives

Treasure Chest

Radio Caroline North - Treasure Chest - 6

Leaflet from a local boat owner advertising trips into Ramsey Bay to visit the MV Caroline

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Membership cards for Breakfast Show  DJ Jerry Leighton’s Yawner’s Club and Yawn Patrol

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Pleasure boat trip leaflet

A copy of the Yawn Patrol Membership Card signed by Jerry Leighton

(Kindly donated by Simon Robinson from the archive of the late Sheila Warburton)


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Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Yawn Patrol card Yawn Patrol card - inside signed Yawn Patrol card Signed Yawn Patrol card - inside

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Cover of a promotional record sent to Bulova watch stockists informing them of the extensive brand promotion aired every hour on Radio Caroline