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Treasure Chest

Radio Caroline North - Treasure Chest - 5

Press report from the Glasgow Herald, 1st September 1964 suggesting that the Scottish National Party (SNP)  was considering buying airtime on Radio Caroline North because they could not have airtime  for political broadcasts on ‘official’ media outlets such as the BBC and ITV (Independent Television) channels

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More photos of the marriage of  Caroline North DJ Mick Luvzit to Janet Teret on board the MV Caroline, 21st September 1966.

For full story of the marriage see History 4

Photos: Hans Knot

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News cutting from The Guardian. 19th August 1967 regarding the constitutional position of the Isle of Man in the light of the ‘imposition’ of the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act by the British Government and the possibility of an increase in transmission power for Manx Radio.

For full story of the constitutional crisis see History 4

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Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Janet Teret arriving at MV Caroline for wedding Mick Luvzit and Janet Teret Wedding ceremony

News cutting from the Daily Mail, 28th December 1964 regarding the purchase of airtime on Radio Caroline North by Blackburn Rovers Football Club to promote one of their matches

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