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Radio Caroline North - Key Dates

5th June 1964

Manx Radio Britain's first licensed commercial radio station started experimental broadcasts in the Isle of Man

3rd July 1964

Following the merger with Radio Atlanta the MV Caroline set sail heading for a new anchorage in the Irish Sea. The ship kept outside territorial waters and the DJs left on board, Tom Lodge, Jerry Leighton together with Panel Operator/DJ Alan Turner continued broadcasting as normal during the voyage

6th July 1964

The MV Caroline anchors in Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man

7th July 1964

The station starts broadcasting officially as Radio Caroline North

13th/14th January 1965

The  MV Caroline’s starboard anchor chain snapped during a severe storm, and the ship began to drift, but the Captain managed to keep the ship outside territorial waters and she rode out the storm.  

30th October 1965

Plans for the MV Caroline to sail across the Irish Sea to assess the most suitable location for a new anchorage to improve reception of Caroline North. Bad weather forced cancellation of the cruise and plans for a new anchorage were abandoned.

** December 1965

Ronan O'Rahilly's Planet Productions acquired the assets of Project Atlanta and Allan Crawford resigned from the station's board of directors. Planet Productions now  had control of both Caroline stations.

** February 1966

Radio Caroline's management company, Planet Productions Ltd. acquired  the services (and financial investment capital) of a new full time working director, Philip Soloman

27th July 1966

The Bill to outlaw offshore broadcasting stations - the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Bill was introduced into the House of Commons and received its formal First Reading.

** August 1966

Two consultants – Terry Bate and Alan Slaight – engaged to revamp the Caroline Sales organisation and generate more advertising income for the station.

** summer 1966

Plans announced to increase the transmitter power of Caroline North to 50Kw and for a change in wavelength to 259m, bringing it in line with Caroline South.

21st September 1966

DJ Mick Luvzit (Brown) was married on board the MV Caroline to Janet Teret, sister of another DJ, Ray Teret. The ceremony was conducted by the Captain of the MV Caroline, Martin Gips, under Panamanian law and was broadcast live

30th October 1966

Test transmissions started on 259m after normal closedown and continued nightly throughout November and into early December. Normal programmes remained on 199m throughout the day.

23rd November 1966

A daytime test on the new frequency took place from 1.00pm- 5.55am on 24th November 1966

** November 1966

Philip Soloman launched the Major Minor record label, which was heavily promoted on both Caroline stations.

18th December 1966

Radio Caroline North transferred to the new wavelength  joining her sister station broadcasting under the national call sign "Caroline on 259".  

2nd July 1964

US President Johnson signed into law a sweeping civil rights bill  guaranteeing voting rights and equal access to education.

6th July 1964

The Beatles' film " AHard Day's Night" premiered in London.

24th January 1965 Sir Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister died aged 90

26th October 1965 The Beatles received their MBEs at Buckingham Palace.

16th December 1965

Author Somerset Maugham  died (91).

12th February 1966 The South Vietnamese won two major battles in the Mekong Delta.

17th July 1966

Ho Chi Minh ordered a partial mobilisation of North Vietnam to defend against American air strikes.

30th September 1966

Botswana acquires independence from British rule.

16th December 1966 The U.N. Security Council approves an oil embargo against Rhodesia.

MV Caroline sailing past Brighton, en route to the Isle of Man - Tom Lodge

RCN - Tom Lodge sailing past Brighton and Captain's announcement about IoM.mp3

MV Caroline dropping anchor in Ramsey Bay, 6th July 1964

RCN - arriving off IoM July 6 1964.mp3

Advance announcement of a wavelength change for Caroline North

RCN advance promo for wavelength change.mp3

Overnight test transmissions on 259m

East of Midnight 8.11.66 short.mp3

An edited version of the marriage of DJ Mick Luvzit and Janet Teret on board MV Caroline

Marriage of Mick Luvzit (edited).mp3

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