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Radio Caroline North - Key Dates (2)

** January 1967

It emerged that Radio Caroline was operating a 'payola' system for playing  records outside its Top 50 chart.

** April 1967

As the British House of Commons was approving the Marine etc. Broadcasting  (Offences) Bill, the Isle of Man Parliament, the House of Keys, voted to reject the same Bill being added to the Island's statute book.

** April 1967

An office was opened in Holland, managed by South African Basil van Rensberg, to act as a new headquarters for Radio Caroline after the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act had come into effect.

14th July 1967

The Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act received the Royal Assent and Postmaster General Edward Short announced that it would come into effect one month later, on 15th August 1967.

** August 1967

Westminster announced that the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act would be applied to the Isle of Man (and also the Channel Islands) by means of Orders in Council signed by the Queen - effectively imposing the legislation against the wishes of the Island's own Parliament and its people.

** August 1967

An Independent Member of the Manx Parliament’s House of Keys, Roy McDonald, proposed a resolution rejecting the imposition of British legislation on the Island. The resolution was approved and the Island's Governor was forced to recall the full Island Parliament, Tynwald, from its summer recess to consider the rapidly deteriorating  constitutional situation.

8th August 1967

Caroline House in London closed and the station's operational headquarters transferred to the Amsterdam office which had been opened the previous April.

8th August 1967

Tynwald, the Manx Parliament, met in a joint session of its two Houses – during the debate Roy McDonald agreed to withdraw  that part of his resolution referring the imposition of British legislation on the Island to the United Nations, but replaced it with a reference to the Commonwealth Secretariat.

15th August 1967

Both Caroline stations remain on the air, defying the new British legislation - and now used the call sign Radio Caroline International. However, Radio Caroline North was, technically, still not outlawed because the Order in Council imposing the British legislation on the Isle of Man did not come into effect until 31st August 1967. Despite this, English staff on board the MV Caroline had decided, like their southern colleagues to quit the station on 14th August 1967 for fear of prosecution under the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act.

31st August 1967

The last  tender left  Ramsey at 8.30pm to make the final delivery of supplies and crew before the provisions of the British law became effective on the Isle of Man.

Also during the evening the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's ferry, Manxman took over 2,000 people on a special cruise from Douglas to Ramsey Bay, circling the MV Caroline

31st August/ 1st September  1967

At 12.00 midnight Don Allen, Senior DJ on Caroline North, played the Manx National Anthem, thanked the Isle of Man Government and people for their continued support and announced the continuation of Caroline North in defiance of the new law.


14th April 1967  

In San Francisco thousands protest against President Johnson's policy in Vietnam.

30th July 1967

General William Westmoreland claims both that he is winning the war in Vietnam and needs more troops.

1st August 1967

IIsrael acts on a threat made to Jordan at the beginning of the Six-Day War. Because Jordan did not stay out of the war, Israel takes control of the entire city of Jerusalem.

7th August 1967

China agrees to give North Vietnam aid in the form of a grant.

15th August 1967 Syrian and Israeli troops clash for three hours on their border at the Sea of Galilee, otherwise known as Lake Genesaret.

22nd August 1967 The British Mission in Beijing surrendered to the Red Guards.

31st August 1967

In China, Red Guards begin a campaign to destroy "old ideals, old culture, old customs and old habits." Street names are to be changed, books burned and temples destroyed.

Caroline North going illegal - midnght 31st August 1967, Don Allen

Caroline North going illegal.mp3

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