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Radio Caroline North - Key Dates (3)

2nd March 1968

A tug, Utrecht, anchored a mile from the MV Caroline in Ramsey Bay, refusing to state its intended destination to the Isle of Man maritime authorities. Radio Caroline North ended its transmissions shortly after 10.00pm following the regular Saturday night "Country and Western Jamboree", presented by Don Allen.

3rd March 1968

At 2.00am the tug came alongside MV Caroline and Dutch seamen boarded the radio ship. They made for the Captain's cabin and informed the senior DJ Don Allen and the Chief Engineer that broadcasting was to cease, the studios were to be sealed and the transmitter crystal removed.

The tug attempted to take the MV Caroline in tow at 6.00am but difficulties were experienced in raising the radio ship's anchor. In the end the anchor chain was cut to release the MV Caroline and the tow actually commenced that evening.

8th March 1968

The MV Caroline arrived in Amsterdam and was docked near the Radio Caroline South ship, Mi Amigo.

** March 1968

Ronan O'Rahilly, together with a group of trusted ex-Caroline DJs, put together a package for re-launching the station from the former Radio 270 vessel Oceaan VII  on Easter Sunday (14th April)1968. However,untimely press reports put an end to this plan


1st March 1968

The first 15-minute version of the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"  was performed at Central Hall, Westminster, London.

2nd Mach 1968

The Poor Peoples' March on Washington, envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a means of dramatising the plight of the poor of all races, got under way.

7th March 1968

The First Battle of Saigon, begun on 30th January as part of the Tet Offensive, ended..

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