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Radio Caroline South - Staff

Glenn Adams

Mike Ahern

Don Allen

Mike Allen

Herb Oscar Anderson

Andy Archer

John Aston

Nick Bailey

Bud Ballou

Colin Berry

Tony Blackburn

Ross Brown

Errol Bruce

Gerry Burke

Cary Clarke

Carl Conway

Ray Cooper

Gordon Cruze

Robbie Dale

Rick Dane

Simon Dee

Gerry Duncan

Tom Edwards

Roger Gale

Stevie Gee

Keith Hampshire

Bill Hearne

Mel Howard

Peter James

Gary Kemp

Doug Kerr


Jerry King

Paul Kramer

Bob Larkins

Tom Lodge

Mick Luvzit

Ian MacRae

Keith Martin

Stevie Merike

Carl Mitchell

Chris Moore

Ed Moreno

Henry Morgan

Spangles Muldoon

Mitch Murray

Colin Nichol

Paul Noble

Tony Prince

Emperor Rosko

Ray ‘Black Magic’ Sebastian

Keith Skues

Mark Sloan

Jack Spector

Norman St John

Richard Swainson

Jon Sydney

Tony Symonds

Dave Lee Travis

Bryan Vaughan

Tommy Vance

Johnnie Walker

Bob Walton

Graham Webb

Tim Yale

Steve Young

Paul Dale (Radio Engineer, Caroline House)

John Gilman (Radio Engineer, Caroline House)

Ray Glennister (Radio Engineer)

Barry Goldbourne (Radio Engineer)

Trevor Grantham (Radio Engineer)

George Harris (Radio Engineer,Caroline House)

Martin Newton (Radio Engineer)

A.D Person (Radio Engineer)

Piet Posthumous (Radio Engineer)

Don Richardson (Radio Engineer)

Freddy Ryder (Caroline House, Studio Engineer)

George Saunders (Radio Engineer)

Frank Sellen (Radio Engineer)

Sheridon Street (Chief Radio Engineer)

Carl Thompson (Radio Engineer)

Ted Walters (Radio Engineer)

Barry Ainley  (General Manager, Caroline House)

Patricia Aitkins  (Secretary)

Penny Allen (Caroline House Receptionist)

Alex Anderson (Production, Caroline House)

Andrew Arden (Record Librarian, Caroline House)

Peter Atkins

Terry Bate (Sales Manager)

Sally Beecham (Sales Assistant)

Colin Berry (Assistant Traffic Manager, later Traffic Manager)

Maureen Blackburn (Secretary)

David Block (Publicity Officer)

Robin Boston (Commercial Traffic Co-ordinator/Chartist)

Michael Chetham-Strode (Sales)

Marion Cochrane (Secretary and Record Librarian)

Robin Courage (Sales)

Allan Crawford (Joint Managing Director to December 1965)

Annette Downey (Commercial Traffic Secretary)

Gerry Duncan (Commercials Producer, Caroline House)

Wendy Easterling (Sales Assistant)

Ken Evans (Head of Music Programming)

Gerard Frow  (Commercial Copy Writer)

Denise Goldfinch (Caroline Club Organiser)

Eugene Gomeche (Accounts)

Toni Gomeche (Secretary)

Pamela Hurrell (Sales Assistant)

Carolyn Irvine (Assistant Press Officer)

Eddie Jenkins (Caroline Club Organiser)

Shirley Jones (Assistant Press Officer)

Mary Josephine (Blaney)  (Receptionist)

Oonagh Leigh (Secretary to Ronan O'Rahilly)

Colin Leighton (Accounts)

Sue Lockhart

Marina Martin (Personnel Officer)

Margaret McKenzie (Sales)

Carolyn Miller (Sales)

Dick Moorecroft (Caroline House, Services and Engineering)

Christopher Moore (Programme Director, Caroline House)

Doreen Mottau (Tea Lady, Caroline House)

Alison Muir (Secretary)

Ronan O’Rahilly (Joint Managing Director)

Michael Parkin (Sales Director)

Arthur Pelteret (Commercial Traffic Manager)

Ian Richards (Accounts Clerk)

Ian Richardson (Commercial Traffic)

Murray Robb (Sales Manager)

Ian Ross (Sales)

Freddie Ryder  (Commercial Production, Caroline House)

Chris Sandford (Sales)

Carol Sax (Personnel)

Bill Scadden  (Shipping Agent, Liaison Officer, Felixtowe)

Brian Scudder (Sales)

Josie Scudder (Sales Executive)

Peter Shaylor (Senior Sales Executive)

Philip Soloman (Joint Managing Director from February 1966)

Frances Van Staden (Administrator/Receptionist, later  Press Officer)

Francis van Steen (Caroline Club Organiser)

Heather Strachan (Sales Assistant)

Richard Swainson (Caroline House, Music Library and Assistant to Ken Evans)

John Thirkettle (Personal Assistant to Philip Soloman)

Linda Thorston (Secretary)

Malcolm Vaughn (Sales)

Judy Wade (Secretary)

Gillian Walsh (Sales Executive)

Margaret Webster (Typist, Caroline House)

Anthony Welch (Sales)

Dorothy White (Programme Secretary)

Jo Wright (Personal Assistant to Philip Soloman)

Delia Zimmerman (Personal Assistant to Oonagh Leigh)

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Management/Administration/   Sales On-air staff Technical/Engineering Marine Crew

Captain van Houten (Mi Amigo Captain)

H Muldery (Ship’s Engineer)

Thys Spyker (Crewman)

Patrick Starling (Ship’s Engineer)

Captain Willy Vrury (Mi Amigo Captain, 1966)

Carl Gustav Wadner (Cheeta 2 Captain)

Andy Archer

Mike Ahern

Keith Hampshire

Dave Lee Travis

Johnnie Walker

Robbie Dale

Roger Day

Bryan Vaughan

Tony Blackburn

Tom Lodge