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Radio Caroline North - Programmes

Radio Caroline North's First Programme Schedule -

 July 1964

6.00am    The Early Show - Tom Lodge

9.00am    The Sound of Music, Part 1 - Tom Lodge

10.00am  The Sound of Music, Part 2 - Jerry Leighton

11.00am  Top Deck - Jerry Leighton

12 noon   Date with Caroline - Alan Turner

1.00pm    Spinaround - Tom Lodge

2.00pm    Soundtrack - Jerry Leighton

4.00pm    The Big Line Up - Tom Lodge

6.00pm    Sunset Spin - Alan Turner

9.00pm    Closedown

12.05am  The Late Late Show - Alan Turner

3.00am    Closedown

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Typical Radio Caroline North Programme Schedule -

June 1967

6.00am        Leighton Early Show - Jerry Leighton

9.00am        The Big Wide Wonderful World of 'Daffy' Don Allen

12 noon        Bob Stewart Show

3.00pm        Mick Luvzit Show

6.00pm        Requests in Action

8.00pm        The World Tomorrow (sponsored American religious                                                          programme)

8.30pm        Closedown

12 midnight Midnight Surf Party

2.00am        Closedown

Radio Caroline North Programme Schedule  

May 1967

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