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All Systems Go

American Top 50

Andrews show (sponsored by Andrews Liver Salts)

Andrews Summer Show (sponsored by Andrews Liver Salts)

Big Line Up

Big, Wide, Wonderful World of Daffy Don Allen

Birthday Bonanza (sponsored)

Bob Stewart Show

Bringing Christ to the Nation

Bulova Lifelines (sponsored by Bulova Watches)

Bulova Star Choice (sponsored by Bulova Watches)

Call in at Curry’s (sponsored by Curry’s Electrical Stores)

Caroline Cash Casino (sponsored)

Caroline Club Hour

Caroline Club Requests

Caroline Predictions

Caroline Top 50

Cema Bingo Show (sponsored)

Chart Time

Christmas Around the World

Countdown of Sound

Country and Western Jamboree

DLT Lunchtime Show

Don Allen’s Country and Western Jamboree

Down Memory Lane (sponsored by Fynnon Salts)


Early Morning Prelude

Early Show

East of Midnight

Emva Cream Show (sponsored)

Findus Frozen Food Show (sponsored)

Heinz Baby Show (sponsored)

Heinz Baked Beans Show (sponsored)

Irish Coffee Bar Show

Irish Top 30 Show

It’s All Happening

Jack Spector Show

Jerry King Thing

Leighton Early Show (Jerry Leighton)

Let’s Motor with Moss (sponsored)

Lucky Birthday Bonanza (sponsored)

Mick Luvzit’s Weekend Wingding

Mick’s 3 to 6 (Mick Luvzit)

Midnight Surf Party

Midnight Soul Party

Mike Ahearn Show

Miner’s Make-Up Show (sponsored)

Miss Wartski Show (sponsored)

Oswald Hoffman

Ognib Show (sponsored0

Oral Roberts

Oxo Show (sponsored)

Partners in Profit (sponsored)

Peter Stuyvesant Show (sponsored)

Porzelack Show (sponsored)

Princes Foods Show (sponsored)

R’n’B Show

Radio Bible Class

Requests in Action

Reveille Sound Off (sponsored)

Revival Time Epilogue

Sounds of 65

Spin Around

The World Tomorrow

Tom Lodge Show

Top Album Show

Top Deck

Top Rank Bingo Show (sponsored)

Traffic Jam

Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill

Ugly Bug Ball

Vernons Pools Show (sponsored)

Voice of Prophecy

West of Midnight

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This feature has been compiled from contemporary newspapers, magazines and information published by the stations themselves. Additional information courtesy of Hans Knot.

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