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26th September 1973

Concorde flew from Washington DC to Paris in 3hrs 33m.ins

20th October 1973 Queen Elizabeth II opened the Sydney Opera House.

1st January 1974

In Britain a 3-day work week came into effect following a power shortage caused by striking miners.

8th September 1974 US President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard M. Nixon for any crimes arising from the Watergate scandal

11th February 1975 Margaret Thatcher was elected leader of the British Conservative Party.

3rd November 1974 Queen Elizabeth formally began the operation of the UK's first North Sea oil pipeline. .

11th November 1974

Angola proclaimed independence from Portugal.

15th November 1974

The first Summit of 6 leading industrialist nations, G-6, met in Rambouillet, France.

24th May 1976 Britain and France opened trans-Atlantic Concorde service to Washington.

2nd July 1976

North and South Vietnam were officially reunified.

29th September 1976

Britain applied to the IMF for a loan of $3.9 billion.

18th November 1977

Spain's parliament agreed to establish a democracy after 37 years of dictatorship.


** May 1976

The Dutch Public Prosecutor announced his Department's zero tolerance policy towards any Dutch companies advertising on Radio Mi Amigo

11th May 1976

The first case in Holland under the Dutch Marine Offences Act was heard - two Dutch seamen were found guilty of  assisting the MV Mi Amigo

** June 1976

Seven more people prosecuted in Amsterdam for assisting Radio Mi Amigo in various ways

9th July 1976

New programmes introduced to Radio Mi Amigo’s  schedule

29th September 1976

Forty one people appeared in court in Brussels accused of various offences in connection with Radio Mi Amigo

12th November 1976

All 41 people found guilty by Brussels court

11th December 1976

In an attempt to improve reception in Belgium and the Netherlands  Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Caroline swap frequencies, Radio Mi Amigo  now broadcasting on 192m

Radio Mi Amigo - Key Dates                                      


1st January 1974

Radio Mi Amigo begins regular transmissions at 11.00am

10th January 1974

International Service' of Radio Mi Amigo launched

29th August 1974

MV Mi Amigo sails across the North Sea to a position off the coast of England

31st August 1974

Dutch Marine Broadcasting Offences Act came into force

1st September 1974

Radio  Mi Amigo continues broadcasting in defiance of the new Dutch law

26th September 1974

Dutch police raid the premises in Breda previously used to record Radio Mi Amigo programmes



17th February 1975

The farmhouse at Oprakel used by Radio Mi Amigo as a recording studio raided by Belgian police and equipment confiscated

8th November 1975

The MV Mi Amigo breaks from her anchor and drifts onto Long Sands sandbank

13th November 1975  

New heavy duty anchor installed and  MV Mi Amigo from her temporary  anchorage position to a new position thought to be in international  waters. Radio Mi Amigo programmes starting again at 10.00am

14th November 1975

British police and Home Office officials board the MV Mi Amigo, arrest 4 people and confiscate equipment. Both Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Caroline are put off the air.

15th November 1975

The four men arrested appear in court and are remanded on bail.

23rd November 1975

The MV Mi Amigo anchored at a position back in the Knock Deep Channel,17 miles off Margate

26th November 1975

Radio Mi Amigo returned with regular programming

11th December 1975

Court hearing against four men arrested on MV Mi Amigo - three pleaded guilty and received fines, while the fourth pleaded not guilty and was bailed until February 1976

29th/30th September


Test broadcasts from the Mi Amigo using the title "Joepie" and “Station 385”

6th October 1973

Test broadcast using the station ID Radio Mi Amigo

** October 1973

Mast on Mi Amigo collapses ending all broadcasts from the radio ship

28th December 1973

Test transmissions for Radio Mi Amigo start at 6.00am and end at 9.00pm.

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