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Free Radio Supporters Association/ Free Radio Association (FRA) - 4

In 1970 the FRA promised its members a new, regular magazine to replace Free Radio Times with news about the offshore radio stations- Sound Magazine . Happily for the FRA publication of the first issue coincided with the arrival of a new offshore radio station - Radio North Sea International. However, Sound Magazine was only published for 3 issues.


When Radio North Sea International (RNI) changed its name to in the run up to the General Election on 18th June 1970 the FRA became invRadio Caroline olved in assisting with the campaign to encourage listeners to ‘vote for free radio’ (i.e. Conservative).

The FRA phone number in Rayleigh was available 24 hours a day for listeners to voice their opinions about the Election and free radio and it was claimed that over 5.5 million FRA leaflets and stickers were distributed during the pre-election campaign.

That was probably the last big campaign event which the FRA was involved in. Although the Conservative Party did win the General Election, their attitude towards RNI remained the same as that of the previous (Labour) Government – including maintaining the jamming signal. Within a short time after the Election the Mebo II returned to an anchorage off the Dutch coast.

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Covers of the three issues of Sound Magazine.

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