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Monday 14th August 2017


BBC Radio 2

Former Radio Caroline South and Radio England DJ Johnnie Walker celebrates the excitement of the ground breaking shows of the early offshore radio stations as well as reliving the end of the ‘pirate’ era.

In this programme, Johnnie takes a look at the early offshore pirate radio stations such as Radio London, Radio Caroline and Radio 270, and has interviews with fellow offshore DJs alongside archive of those sadly no longer with us.

Johnnie is joined by ‘Admiral’ Robbie Dale, who along with Johnnie remained on board after midnight on the 14th August 1967 when the Marine Offences Bill passed into law, broadcasting illegally to an estimated European audience of 22 million. Johnnie is also joined by Tom Edwards, who left Radio Caroline on the 14th August, Pete Brady, Emperor Rosko and Tony Blackburn, who worked on both Radio Caroline and Radio London. Plus Johnnie will play some of 1967’s key tracks that were played on these stations.

As a companion to this programme, Radio 2 will broadcast Johnnie Walker Meets… the Pop Pioneers in late September as part of the stations 50th birthday celebrations. The programme will see Johnnie reliving the early days of BBC Radio ‘pop’ broadcasting, with anecdotes from fellow pirates who left the high seas for Portland Place following the pirate era.