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Free Radio Supporters Association/ Free Radio Association (FRA) - 5

The FRA struggled to operate for a few more years, although it became more of a trading organisation than an active campaigning one. The organisation took a sales stand at the Flashback ‘67 event at Heathrow in 1977 and offered merchandise at discount prices.

Following the Flashback event an organisation  calling itself Free Radio Associated Sales, operating from an address in Norwich, continued to sell surplus stocks of FRA material at discounted prices.


The information in this section is based on details contained in various official FRA newsletters and other publications. However, a slightly different version of some events is contained in a booklet – The Rise and Fall of a Misguided Association - published in 1969 by former Promotions Officer, Barry Schofield.  FRA Chairman Geoffrey Pearl issued a statement dealing point by point with the allegations made in the Rise and Fall document and also put the Association’s side of the story,  in its 1970 Annual Report - Spotlight.

Rise and Fall.pdf Spotlight.pdf

A page of the surplus FRA  merchandise on offer from Free Radio Associated Sales

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