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There are five  distinct periods in the development of broadcasting in New Zealand up to the time of the arrival of Radio Hauraki in 1966 -

1.      1921-1925 -  the amateur radio experimental period.

2.      1925-1931 -  the early development of a national radio service under the Radio                                  Broadcasting Company of New Zealand Ltd.

3.      1932-1935 -  a relatively brief period of public control under the New Zealand                                  Broadcasting Board.

4.      1936-1962 -  the long period of development as a Government Department – the New                                  Zealand Broadcasting Service.

5.      1961-1970 -  New Zealand reverted to public control with the establishment of the                                  New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation as a result of the Broadcasting                                  Corporation Act 1961 and this is the monopoly position which Radio                                  Hauraki successfully sought to break .

(During the course of the Broadcasting Corporation Bill passing through the House of Representatives in 1961, provision was made for the establishment of privately owned stations and, although strongly opposed by the Labour Opposition, this became part of the Act. However, before such stations could be established, the Corporation was  required to undertake a review of existing coverage. It was this provision which enabled the authorities to advertise the private licences in 1969/1970, one of which was granted to Radio Hauraki.)

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