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Borkum Riff anchored in international waters off Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands,

later off Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Norderney anchored in international waters off Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Mi Amigo anchored  in international waters off Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Borkum Riff


Weight:457 tons


Other offshore radio use:-

Also housed CNBC

MV Mi Amigo

Formerly:SS Margarethe, Olga, Bon Jour, Magda Maria

Built:1921(lengthened 1927 and 1951)

Weight:470 tons

Length:originally 98’ (29.8m) lengthened to 111’ (33.8m) in 1927 and 133’ (40.5m) in 1951

Previous offshore radio use:- Radio Nord, Radio Atlanta, Radio Caroline South, Radio 199, Radio Caroline



V HH294 Paul J Muller


Weight:399 tons

Length:131’ (40.05m)

Radio Veronica transmitted from two ships of its own, Borkum Riff and Norderney. Facilities on the Radio Caroline ship,  Mi Amigo, were loaned to Radio Veronica between    11th - 18th April 1973 when the Norderney ran aground.

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