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Radio Caroline South - Programmes (2)

Typical Caroline South (International) Programme Schedule - December 1967

5.00am       Segway Sam

6.00am       Morning Get Up and Go Show - Roger Day

9.00am       Housewives’ Show - Robbie Dale

12 noon      Lunchtime Loonabout - Spangles Muldoon

3.00pm       Afternoon Show - Stevie Merike

6.00pm       SanFran Show  -Glen Adams

9.00pm       Johnnie Walker Show

12 midnight Carl Mitchell Show

2.00am       Closedown

Typical Radio Caroline South Programme Schedule -

June 1967


6.00am       Tommy Vance   

9.00am       Mike Ahern   

12noon       Dave Lee Travis  

3.00pm       Keith Hampshire  

6.00pm       Robbie Dale   

8.30pm       Bringing Christ to the Nation (sponsored American                                                                    religious programme)

9.00pm       Johnnie Walker

12midnight  Steve Young   

3.00am       Night Owl Prowl

Radio Caroline South (International) Programme Schedule December 1967

(Courtesy: Hans Knot

Opening of the Rogare Day Show, August 1967

RCS Start of Roger Day Show  00 August 1967.mp3 A-Z Programme Index

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