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Anchor Show (sponsored by Anchor cigarettes))

Andrews Show (sponsored by Andrews Liver Salts)

Andrews Summer Show (sponsored by Andrews Liver Salts)

Around the West End

Back to the Bible

Big Line Up

Birthday Bonanza (sponsored)

Bringing Christ to the Nation

Bromley Half Hour (sponsored0

Bryan Vaughan Show

Bud Ballou Show

Bulova Lifelines (sponsored by Bulova Watches)

Bulova Star Choice (sponsored by Bulova Watches)

Call in at Curry’s (sponsored by Curry’s Electrical Stores)

Camp  Meeting Hour (sponsored by Camp Coffee)

Carl Mitchell Show

Caroline Cash Casino (sponsored)

Caroline Hit Parade

Caroline Club Hour

Caroline Club Land

Caroline Club Magazine

Caroline Club Requests

Caroline Continental

Caroline International Top 100 Hot Albums

Caroline Top 50

Cema Bingo Show (sponsored)

Chappell Show (sponsored by Chappell Pianos)

Christmas Around the World

Countdown of Sound

Country and Western Jamboree

Date with Caroline

Dave Lee Travis Show

Don Allen Show

Don Allen’s Country and Western Jamboree

Down Memory Lane (sponsored by Fynnon Salts)


Early Show

Emva Cream Show (sponsored)

Findus Frozen Food Show (sponsored)

Gary Kemp Show

Going Live

Good Guy Disc Date

Good Guy Prediction Time

Guest Spot

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Jack Spector Show

Johnny Walker Show

Keefers Early show

Keefers Uprising

Keith Skues Show

Let’s Motor with Moss (sponsored)

Lucky Birthday Bonanza (sponsored)

Lunchtime Show

Mike Ahearn Show

Miner’s Make-Up Show (sponsored)

Muldoon’s Menu

Music the Wide World Over

New Ones

Newly Hatched

Night Owl Prowl

Nutty Noble’s Breakfast Show

Nutty Noble’s Early show

Ognib Show (sponsored)

On the Scene

On the Tracks

Oxo Show (sponsored)

Partners in Prifit (sponsored)

Party Time

Paul Noble’s Yawners Club 65

Peter Stuyvesant Show (sponsored)

Princes Foods Show (sponsored)

Reveille Show (sponsored)

Requests in Action

Reveille Sound Off (sponsored)

Revival Time Epilogue

Rick Dane’s Rave Party

Robbie Dale’s Diary

Roger Day Show

Roger Gale Show

Ross Brown Beat

Roulette Programme (sponsored)

Sanfran Show

Saturday Special

Saturday Spin Around

Segway Sam


Sounds of 65

Spangles Muldoon Lunchtime Loonabout

Spin Around

Star Verdict

Stevi Merike Show

Steve Young Show

Sunday Special

The New Ones

The Motor Show

The Sound of Music

The World Tomorrow

Tommy Vance Show

Tom Lodge Show

Tony Blackburn Show

Tony Blackburn Breakfast Show

Top Deck

Top Rank Bingo Show (sponsored)

Top Tempo Time (sponsored by Bulova Watches)

Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill

Vernons Pools Show (sponsored)

Voice of Prophecy

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This feature has been compiled from contemporary newspapers, magazines and information published by the stations themselves. Additional information courtesy of Hans Knot.

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