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Radio New York International - Key Dates (2)

3rd August 1989

Al Weiner’s  appeal hearing against the restraining Order took place in the Federal Court.

** September 1989

The Federal Court’s decision confirmed that the FCC did have powers to control broadcasts into the USA from outside territorial limits  as well as those emanating from within the country itself – RNYI’s appeal was dismissed.


17th September 1990

RNYI reappeared on the frequency of shortwave station World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) in Nashville, Tennessee, initially for four hours on Monday evenings. Gradually various other shortwave outlets were introduced leading to a 7 days a week service from RNYI.


18th March 1991  

A daily programme from RNYI was broadcast on short wave station  WRNO on 7355kHz.


In other  N E W S

20th September 1989

F.W. de Klerk was sworn in as President of South Africa.

11th September 1990

President George H. W. Bush, threatens the use of force to remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait.

14th March 1991

A British court reversed the convictions of the "Birmingham Six," who had spent 16 years in prison for an Irish Republican Army bombing.


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