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Radio New York International - Key Dates

17th July 1988

Sarah left harbour again following refurbishment. US Coastguards decided that the ship was violating an order which had been imposed on her the previous year to remain in port and instructed the Captain of the tug to tow the Sarah back to her berth in Boston Harbour

10th September 1988

The Sarah finally managed to leave Boston Harbour

11th September 1988

Sarah anchored four and a half miles off Long Island, but remained silent for over a month.

15th October 1988

Test transmissions for RNYI start at 8.00pm

17th October 1988

FCC was granted a temporary Restraining Order forbidding the station to broadcast. FCC officials arrived alongside the Sarah at 10.00pm that same evening and attempted to serve the Restraining Order.They also formally asked the Captain of the radio ship to comply by ceasing RNYI's transmissions. Those on board the Sarah decided they had no option but to comply with the Restraining Order.

** December 1988

The temporary Restraining Order against RNYI is made permanent.


Spring 1986

Conversion work started to turn the Sarah into a floating radio station

** September 1986

A 103' aerial mast erected on board Sarah


20th July 1987

The Sarah was towed out of Boston Harbour

22nd July 1987

Sarah arrived at her anchorage four and a half miles off Long Island, New York

23rd July 1987

First test transmissions take place for Radio New York International (RNYI)

25th July 1987

A US Coastguard cutter came alongside the Sarah and announced that they intended to board the radio ship

28th July 1987

At 5.30am (a few hours after test transmissions had finished), the US Coastguard cutter, Cape Horn came alongside Sarah and officials warned that they intended to seize the radio ship, claiming to have permission from the Honduran Government.

Al Weiner and two colleagues arrested, removed from the Sarah and subsequently charged with "conspiracy to impede the functioning of the United States Government"

27th August 1987

Just minutes before the three men were due in Court they were informed that the prosecution was dropping all charges against them


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