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Five transmitters were installed on the Sarah: -

one 5Kw medium wave, tuned to 1620kHz  (185m),

one back-up 1Kw, medium wave,

one 10Kw FM, tuned to 103.1mHz,

one 300 watt military surplus shortwave transmitter, tuned to 6240kHz

one Government surplus long wave transmitter tuned to 190kHz (1579m).


The 103' aerial mast  - a solid steel tower welded to the Sarah's main deck. From this the medium wave 'T' aerial was strung to the ship's rear light tower.

The FM transmitter was positioned at the top of the tower.

The shortwave aerial was a simple dipole strung between the main tower and the conning tower.

The long wave aerial - a 15' whip aerial fixed to the deck.


Radio New York International - Technical

Studio on board SarahTransmitter hall on SarahAerial tower on board Sarah

Above right: the  RNYI studio on board Sarah

Above: the transmitter hall on board Sarah

Below: the 103’ aerial tower

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