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Former Name(s)




Ex-Danish Passenger Ferry


188’ (57.3m)


763 tons


1930 by Frederikshavns V & F A/S, Frederikshaven, Denmark

Flag state(s)


Stations Housed

Radio Caroline

(27th March - 2nd July 1964)

Radio Caroline North

(3rd July 1964 - 2nd March 1968)

Ultimate fate

Sold for scrap at a public auction on 29th May 1972 to Frank Rijsdijk-Holland of Hendrick Ido-Ambacht.

The ship was scrapped and broken up in 1980 by Van de Marel, Ouwerkerk, The Netherlands.

MV Caroline Caroline being towed into Amsterdam

Photo: jingleweb.nl

Caroline being scrapped Caroline being scrapped Caroline being scrapped

Above and left:

Views of the MV Caroline being scrapped

Top right: MV Caroline being towed into Amsterdam, March 1968

Bottom right: MV Caroline tied up in Amsterdam, March 1968

Caroline in Amsterdam

After being hijacked at sea from Ramsey Bay, the MV Caroline was towed to Amsterdam where she was laid up (and badly vandalised) until being sold at auction in May 1972.

Scrapping of the vessel took a number of years and was not fully completed until 1980

AFTER OFFSHORE  RADIO Caroline in Greenore

Right: three views of the Fredericia in her days as a Danish passenger ferry

Left: MV Caroline being fitted out as a radio ship in the small port of  Greenore, Ireland

Fredericia as a ferry

Photo: DFDS Seaways

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Photo: Kenny Tosh

Served as a passenger ferry in Denmark from  May 1930 - August 1963. She was laid up in Copenhagen between September 1941 and April 1943.

On 14th August 1963  she arrived in  Copenhagen from Odense for the last time and was laid up

In December 1963  she was old to Cross Channel Container Services Limited, Greenore Harbour, Ireland (Ronan O’Rahilly).

 In January 1964 she was taken over by her new owners who claimed that she would be used in service between the UK and Ireland and that she would be renamed Iseult.

However, she was transferred to Astrenic SA  Panama, (Ronan O’Rahilly) and renamed Caroline. The vessel was towed  from Rotterdam to Greenore Harbour and converted into a radio ship.


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Fredericia  Caroline History

Photo: Hans Knot/Chris Vermeulen