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Former Name(s)

The Flying Englishman


Former cargo ship


81’ (24.7m)


107 tons


1900 in The Netherlands

Flag state(s)

Panama (later claimed to be Honduras, but probably stateless)

Stations Housed

Radio Mercur

(11th July 1958 -12th February 1962)

Skanes Radio Mercur

(14th December 1958 - 5th March 1962)

Radio Syd

(6th March 1962 -17th September 1964)

Ultimate fate

Damaged below the waterline during a storm in September 1964. Sank at the quayside in Malmo, Sweden on 7th October 1964 (apparently deliberately to make an insurance claim).

Scrapped at Personer scrap yard, Ystad, Sweden, December 1964

(also known as Cheeta Mercur)

Cheeta Aerial mast being installed on Cheeta

The aerial mast being installed on Cheeta when she was being fitted out as a radio ship, July 1958

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Thanks to Martin van der Ven for allowing us to use some additional information from the Broadcasting Fleet section of the Offshore Radio Guide  in this Gallery

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Cheeta sunk in Malmo Harbour, October 1964

Photo: Ingemar Lindqvist