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Former Name(s)



Briefly renamed San Pedrito during the summer of 1962


Ex-Norwegian coaster and ferry


147’ (45m)


410 tons


1924 in Norway

Flag state(s)

Stations Housed

Radio Mercur

(31st January 1961 - 10th July 1962)

Skanes Radio Mercur

(31st January 1961 - November 1961)

Radio Syd

(28th September 1964 - 19th January 1966)

TV Syd

(December 1965 - 19th January 1966)

Radio Caroline South

(13th February 1966 - 1st May 1966)

Ultimate fate

Sailed to Gambia in 1968. Used as a base for the licensed station, Radio Syd Gambia, then as floating restaurant. The vessel was later abandoned and sank in Bathurst Harbour, Gambia in August 1971

After Radio Mercur closed in 1962 the Cheeta 2 was briefly re-named San Pedrito and was moored in Copenhagen Harbour, then Flensburg, Germany. In October 1964 she was purchased by Britt Wadner and used to transmit the programmes of Radio Syd from a position off Malmo, Sweden.

In January 1966 Cheeta 2 was forced to leave the Baltic due to severe pack ice threatening to crush the ship and this effectively spelt the end of Radio Syd in Sweden.

En route to her (what was planned to be) temporary anchorage off The Netherlands, Cheeta 2 was diverted to a position off the British coast to be used as a temporary home for Radio Caroline South whose own vessel had run aground.

After Radio Caroline South had returned to its own ship in April 1966 Cheeta 2 was anchored or moored in various locations along the south east coast of Britain. She was briefly considered for use by Radio London (which wanted to start a northern station, Radio Manchester) and by Radio 390 (which also wanted to start an outlet to serve the north of Britain - Radio 390 North).

However the condition off the ship and her radio equipment meant that she lay idle before sailing  for Spain and the Canary Islands in 1967 and then to Bathhurst in Gambia in 1968 where Britt Wadner had obtained a licence to broadcast Radio Syd Gambia. After radio Syd Gambia moved to landbased studios Cheeta 2 was briefly used as floating restaurant, before her condition deteriorated so much that she was abandoned and left to sink.


Photo: jingleweb.nl

Cheeta 2 sinking in Bathurst Harbour Cheeta 2 sinking in Bathurst Harbour

Above: A sad end - two views of the Cheeta 2 sinking in Bathurst harbour, Gambia

Cheeta 2

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Cheeta 2 as a ferry in the days before Radio Mercur

Photo: Hemrik Norgaard

Cheeta 2  being used as a restaurant in Bathurst harbour, Gambia (note the Radio Syd logo painted on the funnel)