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Radio Atlanta - Key Dates (2)

11th January 1963

The Mi Amigo, entered Flushing Harbour for bunkering.

15th January 1963

The Mi Amigo left Flushing, but put into Brest four days later reportedly to have damaged steering gear repaired.

26th January 1963

Having been unable to sell the ship as a fully equipped radio station, the Mi Amigo set sail from Brest for Texas where it was planned to remove all the radio equipment and convert her into a fishing cruiser for recreational use by members of the former Radio Nord consortium.  

9th March 1963

The Mi Amigo arrives in Galveston, Texas.

** December 1963

Allan Crawford succeeded in arranging new finance for Project Atlanta and the Mi Amigo was finally acquired from the former Radio Nord consortium. Plans to strip all radio equipment from the vessel and fit her out as a luxury cruiser had not been completed  - only the transmitting mast and rigging had been removed.

28th December 1963

The Mi Amigo set sail from Galveston, heading once again towards the British coast.


30th January 1964

The Mi Amigo arrived in Las Palmas after encountering heavy Atlantic storms during which she nearly sank.

5th February 1964

The vessel entered El Ferrol in Spain for repairs, ballasting and strengthening of her hull.

15th February 1964

The ship sailed once again calling at Corunna between 28th February and 3rd March 1964, while Allan Crawford came to an agreement with Ronan O’Rahilly to use the port of Greenore for fitting out the Mi Amigo (alongside rival station Radio Caroline’s Fredericia) in return for use of his London studios to pre-record programmes.

13th March 1964

The Mi Amigo arrived in Greenore

17th April 1964

The Mi Amigo sailed from Greenore after fitting out work had been completed

21st April 1964

The Mi Amigo forced to enter Falmouth harbour for repairs to her aerial mast damaged during the voyage from Greenore.

23rd April 1964

The Mi Amigo left Falmouth after repairs were completed

27th April 1964

The Mi Amigo anchored in international waters off Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

9th May 1964

Test transmissions begin for Radio Atlanta

12th May 1964

Regular programmes start from Radio Atlanta at 6.00pm on a slightly different frequency from Radio Caroline

** June 1964

Rumours begin to circulate about a merger between the two rivals, Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline

2nd July 1964

Formal announcement of a merger between Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline.  Radio Atlanta ceased broadcasting from the Mi Amigo at 8.00pm that evening.

3rd July 1964

Broadcasts from the Mi Amigo resume at 6.00am under the call sign Radio Caroline South


First test transmissions from Radio Atlanta

First test transmission announcements.mp3

First day of regular programmes, Tony Withers

R Atlanta ID announcement, opening day Tony Withers.mp3

14th January 1963 French President Charles de Gaulle announced veto on Britain's application to join the European Common Market.

22nd March 1963 British Minister of War John Profumo denied being involved with Christine Keeler a call girl who was also dealing with a Soviet attaché.

24th December 1963

New York’s Idlewild Airport was renamed JFK Airport in honour of the assassinated President John F Kennedy.

7th February 1964 The Beatles arrive in America

14th March 1964

A jury in Dallas, Texas found Jack Ruby guilty of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F Kennedy.

20th April 1964 BBC2 television channel launched.

27th May 1964 Independent India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, died.

28th May 1964 Palestine National Congress formed the PLO in Jerusalem.

12th June 1964 Nelson Mandela, convicted of treason in South Africa, was moved into a jail cell on Robben Island where he stayed until April 1982.

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