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Radio Atlanta - Staff

Mike Allen

Richard Harris

Johnnie Jackson

Ted King

Keith Martin

Ed Moreno

Colin Nicol

Mike Raven

Bob Scott

Bryan Vaughan

Tony Withers

Milan Leggett (Engineer)

W V ‘Joe’ Neal (Transmitter Engineer)

George Saunders (Engineer)

Terry Saunders (Studio Engineer)

Tony Visscher (Chief Generator Engineer)

Technical/Engineering Management/Administration/   Sales On-air staff Marine Crew

Michael Chetham (Sales Account Executive)

Alan Crawford (Managing Director)

Ken Evans (Programme Manager)

Leslie Parrish (General Manager)

Alan Philips (Traffic Manager)

Peter Shaylor (Sales Account Executive)

Julian Walsh (Sales co-ordinator)

Captain Jerard Meyer (Ship’s Captain)

Tony Withers

Keith Martin

Mike Raven

Ed Moreno

Bryan Vaughan

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Mike Allen