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Radio England - Key Dates

20th April 1966

A press conference in London announces the launch of the most ambitious offshore radio project so far, with two separate stations based on the same ship.

3rd May 1966

Test transmissions start for the two new stations - Radio England and Britain Radio

16th June 1966

Regular programmes start from Radio England (and Britain Radio)

******* 1966

Swinging 66 Tour launched

27th July 1966

The Bill to outlaw offshore broadcasting stations - the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Bill introduced into the House of Commons and received its formal First Reading.

** October 1966

Announcement that Radio England would be closing and the station's frequency leased to a Dutch language broadcaster, under the call  sign Radio Dolfijn

13th November 1966

Radio England ceased transmissions at midnight


16th April 1966 Rhodesian PM Ian Smith broke diplomatic relations with Britain.

1st May 1966  

Last British concert by Beatles was held at the Empire Pool, Wembley.

8th November 1966 Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California.

Test transmissions for Radio England

R England - testing on 355m May 1966.mp3

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