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Radio England - Technical


50Kw (claimed)

Continental Electronics 317C transmitter (one of two on board Laissez Faire)

Aerial Height

160’ (49m) - from deck level. The top 123’ (37.5m) was tubular tapered welded-section steel mounted on 37’ (11.3m) of the original ship’s mast.

The station claimed an aerial height 210’ (64m)

There were two separate wire cage or sausage antennas - the 227m (1320kHz) (used by Radio England)  was slung between the main and back mast; while the 355m (845kHz) (used by Britain Radio) was slung from the main mast to the deck.

Radio England studio News studio on Laissez Faire Automated carousel machine

Right: The Radio England studio

Below left: the news studio

Below right: the automated Carousel machine and the Scully tape machines

Transmitters on Laissez Faire


2 x turntables

9 channel Collins audio mixing console

3 x Scully tape machines

1 x Carousel (an automated tape player)

Altec microphone

Hammond organ reverb unit

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners


The aerial mast on board Laissez Faire


The transmitters on board Laissez Faire

Thanks to Ian Anderson for providing information from his research into offshore radio aerial masts (originally published in Offshore Echos Magazine December 2007 and April 2008)

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Key Dates

Ship and Location




Key Dates Ship and Location Staff Programmes History

Left: 9 channel Collins audio mixing console

Photo: Andy Cadier

Right: Ron O’Quinn on air

Photo: Ron O’Quinn

Left: Two views of the Scully tape machines

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

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