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Radio Atlantis - Technical


Mi Amigo

50kW Continental Electrioncs 317C transmitter

From 4th-18th October 1973 – used the 10kW Continental Electrics 316B transmitter


The former REM Island RCA BTA 101 1Kw radio transmitter(used to broadcast programmes of Radio Noordzee in 1964) was purchased and installed on board to replace what was left of the ex-Radio 270/Capital Radio equipment (RCA BTA 10J transmitter) with which Radio Condor had once hoped to broadcast.

Transmitter power  1.5kw ERP


Mi Amigo

180’ (54.8m) (from 15th July 1973 until it collapsed on 1st October 1973)

From 4th-18th October 1973 a temporary aerial was used.


T aerial  built by station engineer

Above: the landbased studios in Oostburg


Mi Amigo

2 x Garrard 401 turntables

1 x Gates Studioette mixer

1 x AKG D202 microphone

2 x 400 Series Spotmasters

1 x 500 Series Spotmasters

2 x Revox A77 tape machines


RCA cartridge machine

Revox A77 tape machine

Above: the Mi Amigo in June 1973 showing the recently built aerial mast (which collapsed in October 1973)

landbased studios Oostberg

Photo: Hans Knot

QSL Cards

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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