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Radio Atlantis - Key Dates


15th July 1973

Radio Atlantis starts transmissions from the Mi Amigo (home to Radio Caroline)

18th October 1973

Radio Atlantis goes off the air when the Mi Amigo’s aerial mast collapses

31st October 1973

Radio Atlantis purchases its own ship and it is renamed Janine

3rd November 1973

Test transmissions start from Janine

5th November 1973

Janine breaks from her anchor and drifts , towed to Cuxhaven, Germany for repair

22nd December 1973

Janine towed from Cuxhaven to an anchorage off Knokke, Belgium

24th December 1973

Low power test transmissions start in English

30th December 1973

Flemish language programmes start during daytime, English language overnight

January/February 1974

Frequent technical breakdowns force Radio Atlantis off the air for various periods

7th January 1974

Regular programmes start once again

18th March 1974

News bulletins were introduced during the English Service

6th June 1974

The Janine's aerial mast collapses and the transmitter fails resulting in the station going off the air completely

7th June 1974

Crew discover Janine has drifted overnight, ending up on a sandbank

9th June 1974

Janine towed back to anchorage and Radio Atlantis recommences broadcasts

25th July 1974

Test broadcasts on 6225kHz short wave

1st August 1974

Radio Atlantis was put off the air when transmitter crystal damaged

2nd August 1974

Radio Atlantis returns using a spare crystal, but has to change frequencies repeatedly before achieving a satisfactory signal

25th August 1974

Flemish Service closes at 2.00pm

31st August 1974

English Service closes at 7.05pm, hours before the Dutch anti offshore radio legislation comes into effect

1st September 1974

Janine towed into Vlissingen

29th November 1974

Four people involved with Radio Atlantis prosecuted an fined under the Belgian Marine Offences Act 1962

16th July 1973

US Senate Watergate Committee is told that President Nixon has secretly recorded potentially incriminating conversations.

11th November 1973

Israel and Egypt signed a cease-fire agreement.

25th December 1973

Skylab astronauts took a seven hour walk in space and photographed the comet Kohoutek.

1st January 1974  

In Britain a 3-day working week was introduced  following a power shortage caused by striking miners.

22nd March 1974

In Vietnam the Viet Cong proposed a new truce with the United States and South Vietnam.

15th July 1974

Greek troops and the Greek Cypriot National Guard staged a military coup in Cyprus.

8th September 1974 US President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon for any crimes arising from the Watergate scandal he may have committed while in office.


News intro

Radio Atlantis news intro.mp3

Closure of Flemish Service, 25th August 1974

Radio Atlantis close of Flemish Service 25 August 1974.mp3

Adrian van Landschoot announces towing in of Janine

Radio Atlantis Adrian van Landschoot announcing closure August 1974.mp3

Closure of the station 31st August 1974

Radio Atlantis English closedown short.mp3

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