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Radio London engineer Russell Tollerfield has died

DATELINE   Hampshire,  April 2017

Russell Tollerfield, former Radio London engineer has died at the age of 72.

Russell was the engineer who, nearly 50 years ago,  switched off the Radio London transmitter when the station closed at 3.00pm on 14th August 1967.

Russell had begun his career working for the BBC as a sound engineer and joined Radio London in 1965.

After Radio London closed in August 1967 Russell moved to Canada, but later returned to Britain where he  worked for London ILR station, Capital Radio and later the Plymouth ILR station,  Radio Victory (and its successor, Ocean Sound). He also provided his technical expertise to the annual Isle of Wight RSL station - Cowes Radio.


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A tribute page to Russell is available at http://www.radiolondon.co.uk/rl/russtribute/russ.html