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Series 34 - Tenth Dimension (1967)

The summer of "Flower Power" inspired the direction of this package. The name, however, was a reference to PAMS' newly installed 10-track tape machine.

There are 3 versions: 34A (The Power of Love), 34B (Music Power), and 34C (Music Pow Pow Power).

Series 35 - The All Sound (1968)

There was also a 35A and 35B version of the package with different cuts and lyrics.

Series 36 - Contempra (1969)

The 36A version contained cuts based on the idea of "The Music Machine".

36B was built around "The 24 Hour Excitement".

Series 37 - Power Play (1969)

"Music comes here to play" was the central theme of this package which once again featured a 4-male vocal sound.

Series 38 - New Generation (1969)

Responding to requests for a different, younger vocal sound, PAMS created a new group which it called "The New Generation Singers". The Moog synthesizer was heavily used.

There was also a 38B version which featured a more traditional vocal sound.

Series 39 - The Sherwood Series (1970)

Named after programmer Lee Sherwood who wanted his jingles to sound more like the music on the station.

There were also Series 39A and 39B versions.

Series 40 - The Changes (1970)

Responding to the influences of the Drake era, this package featured brief jingles and acappellas, with a big 7-voice group sound.

There was also a Series 40B version.

Series 40C contained additional supplemental cuts.

Series 41 - Music Radio (1971)

Part of this package was sung with the 7-voice "A" group, the other featured the younger "C" group. Each was named after the studio in which they recorded most often.

Series 42 - The Igniters (1971)

The Series 42A demo contained WABC versions.

Series 42B had the same cuts, but for a variety of different stations and logos.

Series 42C was a completely different package called "Music Is Our Message".

Series 43 - The Textures (1972)

This package concentrated on tempo and texture transitions.

Series 44 - The Music's On Us (1973)

PAMS created over 60 cuts for WABC using this lyric theme. They were divided into packages 44A and 44B. As usual, the station only used a small fraction of the cuts on the air.

Series 45 - Music And More (1975)

There was a Series 45A and 45B, as well as a separate Series 45C titled "Do You Recall?"

For a brief time there was also a Series 45X demo (X for experimental) which used the theme "all hits all the time".

Series 46 - Just For You (1976)

One of several packages of the day which were inspired by McDonald's successful "we do it all for you" campaign.

Series 47 (1976)

Basically a continuation of Series 45 and Series 46 for WGAR.

Series 48 - Where It's Good Again (1977)

The name of this KLIF package was sung to the tune of "where you're hearing things", which was borrowed from Series 18.

Series 49 - The Modulators (1977)

There was a Series 49A version (WLS) and a Series 49B version (WGAR).

and station IDs

Listen to these PAMS jingles - many will sound very familiar because the offshore stations often adapted and edited them from PAMS demo tapes for their own use.

Series 34 - Music Power/ Tenth Dimension


Series 34c - Music Pow  Pow Power


.Series 37 - Power Play 1969

The PAMS Numbered Series

Thanks to PAMS and Jam Creative Productions for information used in this feature

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