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Series 1  (1956)

Bill Meeks, who had been working for Gordon McLendon at KLIF in Dallas, founded PAMS as an advertising agency in 1951. A few years later the company began to offer syndicated packages of station Ids - this was the first.

Series 2  (1957)

This package expanded on the idea of Series 1, with more orchestration and better recording.

Series 3  (1957)

These were show open and closing themes for DJs.

Series 4 - The Flexibles  (1957)

Jingles inspired by the sound of the big artists of the day, such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Jimmy Durante. Each cut was available in a variety of lengths.

Series 5

Merchant Jingles   These were not station IDs, but commercial ("merchant") jingles. As more were done through the years additional demos 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 5E, and 5F were created.

Series 6  - Color Radio (1958)

This was radio's answer to the advent of colour television. The package was divided into sections 6A, 6B, and 6C.

Series 7  (1958)

The first attempted "soul" (R&B) jingles. Several tracks were re-used in later packages with more traditional vocals.

Series 8  (1958)

A very successful series which only required one girl singer (Terry Lea) to customise it for a station.

Series 9 - Highland Series  (1958)

The name commemorates PAMS' move to its first makeshift studio on Knox Street, which is in an area known as Highland Park.

Series 10 - Signature Series (1959)

This was the first series to have a consistent signature melody ("logo") for the call letters in every cut.

Series 11 - Electronic (1959)

Series 11, 12, and 13 were recorded together. Each section had a different style, and stations had the option of buying any or all of the sections.

The "electronic" sounds were created by speeding up recordings of regular instruments.

Series 12 - Trend (1959)

Featured several all male vocals, in the style of groups like the Hi-Los.

Series 13 - Target (1959)

Featured group vocals and larger orchestration.

Series 14 - Dramatic Signatures (1960)

The beginning of jingles as we know them. This series not only had a consistent signature melody for the call letters, but allowed each station to select their own logo melody.

Features the console guitar of Alvino Rey.

and station IDs

Listen to these PAMS jingles - many will sound very familiar because the offshore stations often adapted and edited them from PAMS demo tapes for their own use.

Series 28 - Happiness Is 1964

Series 29 - Go Go 1965  

 A follow-up to Series 27, this package features the all male group with high soprano along with fast-paced vocal backgrounds. The lyrics reflect the "au go go" craze which swept Europe and America.

The PAMS Numbered Series

Thanks to PAMS and Jam Creative Productions for information used in this feature

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and station IDs

Jingles and Station IDs

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