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Series 15 - Living Radio (1960)

This package was originally sung for WABC New York, which is what is heard on the demo. The "77 WABC" logo used was a variation on the theme song for the popular TV show "77 Sunset Strip".

But WABC never bought these, and eventually the series was used by WMGM New York instead.


Series 15A - High School Fight Themes (1960)

These were "fight songs" intended to support local high school teams.

Series 16 - Sound of the City (1961)

To enhance the bond between the station and the city it serves, this series included a full length song called My Home Town, which many stations distributed to listeners on 45 rpm records as part of the promotion.


Series 16A - Musical Funtests (1961)

A collection of radio contests and promotions.

Series 17 - New Frontier (1961)

With President Kennedy's "new frontier" programme underway, PAMS produced this series to encourage community pride and civic participation. The vocal group featured lead singer Jean Oliver.


Series 18 - Sonosational (1961)

This package introduced "Sonovox" to radio jingles. Although the process had been used since the 1940's to make instruments appear to talk or sing, this was its debut in IDs.


Series 19 - Personality Themes (1962)

Another collection of DJ show themes. For the demo presentation, famous radio personalities were impersonated by local Dallas DJs.

Series 20 - Weatherettes (1962)

An entire package devoted to jingles about the weather.

Series 21 - The Friendly Giant (1962)

This unusual package, which was intended for full-service stations rather than top-40, didn't sell very well because it was difficult to change the logo melody.

Series 22 - Sono-Magic (1962)

This was an update of Series 18, and once again featured the unique sonovox effect. There was also a non-sonovox version of the demo called Series 22B (WYNR).

Series 23 - Ani-Magic (1962)

Series 22 and 23 were made for WKBW at the same time. Instead of sonovox, Series 23 incorporated sound effects into the rhythm of the cuts to create "animated magic".

Series 24 - His and Her Radio (1962)

The "his and her" lyric theme wasn't too big a hit, so a Series 24A (WFUN) version was also released with more top-40 oriented lyrics.  

Series 25 - The Happy Difference (1963)

This package included the vocal sound of two little girls named Carol and Lauri (they're twins).

There were 3 versions of the demo with slight differences in cuts and lyrics: 25A (KGW), 25B (WABC), and 25C (KONO).


Series 25D - Cheerleaders (1963)

An update on the high school team fight songs idea.

and station IDs

Listen to these PAMS jingles - many will sound very familiar because the offshore stations often adapted and edited them from PAMS demo tapes for their own use.

Series 30 - The 'N Set  1965

This package featured an all-female vocal group, along with lyrics designed to make listeners feel that they were "in with the in crowd".

Series 31 - Music Explosion 1966

Short and powerful jingles sung with an all-male vocal group in high, tight harmony

The PAMS Numbered Series

Thanks to PAMS and Jam Creative Productions for information used in this feature

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