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The Dolfijn was owned by Tom van der Linden´s Delta Diving. Tom van der Linden was one of those prosecuted for carrying out the bomb attack on the Radio Northsea International ship Mebo II on 15th May 1971.

The MV Dolfijn was also used to take a new anchor system out to the Mi Amigo, (Radio Caroline/Radio Mi Amigo) after the British authorities had boarded the ship when it drifted into territorial waters in August 1974.

The vessel had previously towed the Mi Amigo to her new (inaccurate) position in the Thames Estuary which subsequently led to the boarding after Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo recommenced broadcasts believing they were in international waters.

Radio Plus (a station based in IJmuiden, The Netherlands) used the Dolfijn, anchored about half a mile off IJmuiden,  to broadcast Offshore Radio Memories (a special licence two day offshore radio tribute) in August 1991.

Thanks to Martin van der Ven for allowing us to use some additional information from the Broadcasting Fleet section of the Offshore Radio Guide  in this Gallery

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