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Here are some trivia facts you may not know about Radio Scotland

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Radio Scotland had 3 station IDs during its short life-time:-

  • Radio Scotland
  • Radio Scotland and Ireland
  • Radio 242

The Comet was the only British offshore radio ship to have no motive power - it was an ex-lightship which was towed to its anchorage position

Radio Scotland was the only British offshore station to produce its own monthly entertainment magazine - 242 Showbeat

Radio Scotland was the only ship-based British offshore station to be prosecuted for broadcasting inside territorial waters

The Comet was the oldest of the British offshore radio ships - built in 1905

Radio Scotland operated from 4 different anchorages during its life-time:-

  • Off Dunbar (Dec 1965-April 1966)
  • Off Troon (May 1966-April 1967)
  • Off Ballywater, Northern Ireland, (April-May 1967)
  • Off Fifeness (May-August 1967)

The first commercial broadcast on Radio Scotland was for the Sunday newspaper, News of the World





About Radio Scotland

Tommy Shields

242 Magazine




The station regularly promoted parties - Clan Balls - for its listeners at venues throughout Scotland


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