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Sound Sensation Scotland

Radio Scotland had a varied programme format as these typical schedules show:-

    For a taste of the programmn these short extracts -

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Do you have any other memorabilia about Radio Scotland which we could add to this Special Exhibition?

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Jack McLaughlin

Programme Schedule promo

Hit the Deck Show

Jimmy Mack

Blastoff Show

Pete Bowman


Stuart Henry

Showbeat Hour

Ben Healy

Laze Around

Tony Meehan

All Systems Go

John Kerr


About Radio Scotland

Tommy Shields

242 Magazine




All Systems Go - John Kerr.mp3 Backtrack - Stuart Henry.mp3 Blastoff Show - Pete Bowman.mp3 Laze Around - Tony Meehan.mp3 Hit the Deck Show - Jimmy Mack.mp3 Ceilidh - Jack McLaughlan.mp3 Showbeat Hour - Ben Healy.mp3 Programme line up promo.mp3


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