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242 Magazine

One of the most successful promotions for Radio Scotland was the creation of the 242 Clan - a listeners’ club providing a platform for interaction between the station and its audience.

Although other offshore stations also started listeners’ clubs the 242 Clan was arguably the most successful, with the regular staging of Clan Balls at venues across Scotland, a regular 242 Clan request programme and the station’s own entertainment magazine - 242 Showbeat.

Launched in April 1966 as 242 - Radio Scotland’s Showbeat Monthly, by issue 6 (September 1966) the title had subtly changed to 242 Showbeat, Radio Scotland’s Monthly. Three issues later (no 9, December 1966) the title had become 242 Showbeat Monthly.

As far as we have been able to establish the magazine was published until at least August 1967,  but if anyone has knowledge (and copies) of later issues we would love to hear from you (see panel on the left).

The magazine was edited by Jim Blair, a former Glasgow Evening Times journalist. Editorially as well as features about the station and its DJs the magazine contained articles and interviews with contemporary pop stars, fashion news, a regular column by 242 Clan Secretary, Cathy Spence, a problem page for listeners to get advice, a  pen pal page, reports on Clan Balls and, a regular column promoting ten-pin bowling (the station broadcast a half hour programme each week aimed at bowling enthusiasts). Competitions, request forms and coverage of the Miss Radio Scotland competition also featured in the magazine’s pages. (see Gallery for more images)

When Radio Scotland launched its own petition against the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Bill 242 Magazine carried a statement by Tommy Shields detailing the argument in favour of legalising commercial radio , as well as a petition form which listeners could sign and return to the station. (see Gallery for more images)

As well as varied editorial content 242 Magazine also attracted a considerable amount of advertising for businesses such as clothing shops and boutiques, music promotions, clubs and ballrooms, discos, employment agencies and (for a six month period) a full back page advert for Coca Cola.

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To see more extracts from 242 Magazine as well as a set of 242 Magazine covers from issues 1-10 visit the Gallery

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